Arina Dähnick. Fotografie


Exploring ZAHA Hadid

After the designer of space, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, I am interested in Zaha Hadid who oriented herself on organic forms, formations, which are in a constant move, development … Bio-Morphology, the formation of form in the field of living structures by means of division and multiplication must also spatially reorganize themselves again and again—and the beauty, the harmony, which develops thereby. Zaha Hadid died suddenly in 2016. The design vocabulary of the almost or completely withered flowers during the time of a pandemic touched me. How tremendously topical this natural process is in times of upheaval, of change, of questioning old traditions, of our times today.

MAXXI 1 MAXXI 1 Flowers 4 Flowers 4 Phaeno 6 Phaeno 6 MAXXI 6 MAXXI 6 MAXXI 9 MAXXI 9 Flowers 6 Flowers 6 Phaeno 8 Phaeno 8 Phaeno 5 Phaeno 5 MAXXI 5 MAXXI 5 Flowers 12 Flowers 12 Phaeno 3 Phaeno 3 MAXXI 11 MAXXI 11 Phaeno 9 Phaeno 9 MAXXI 7 MAXXI 7 Flowers 11 Flowers 11 Niederhafen River Promenade Hamburg Niederhafen River Promenade Hamburg MAXXI 4 MAXXI 4 MAXXI 2 MAXXI 2