Arina Dähnick. Fotografie


S.R. Crown Hall 8

S.R. Crown Hall 8

When I was invited to visit the S.R. Crown Hall in Chicago for photographing the building, I was not prepared for the great play of inside and outside, which is transported by a very special glass, whose recipe comes from Mies van der Rohe himself. The lightness and the depth of this dance, which varies again and again depending on the light, inspires me.

On Baryta FB 350 Digital FineArt Paper by Hahnemühle
Printed by certified photo labs in Chicago/USA and Germany/Berlin

50 x 70 cm; limited Edition of 8; 2600 Euro
90 x 130 cm; limited Editon of 6; 3200 Euro
tax and shipping worldwide incl. framing possible on request